Tokyo no oto


Les Cris de Paris partner with the Ensemble Cairn for a creation by Jérôme Combier inspired by the Tokyo sound environment. Somewhere between the East and the West, where academic and popular, sensorial and attentive listening converge, this new creation is accompanied by those who inspired it: Luciano Berio and his Cries of London, himself inspired by Orlando Gibbons in the 17th century.

5.1 – Polyphonies spatialisées


Through this spatialized programme, Les Cris de Paris reinterpret a whole segment of the sacred repertoire of the Renaissance where architecture was deemed inherent to musical intent.

Jardins partagés


Les Cris de Paris are reunited with Pierre-Yves Macé to complete the cycle initiated in 2017 with Chansons migrantes.This is a unique musical composition project which draws on collections of songs from the oral tradition compiled by Les Cris de Paris as part of the Lullaby project.

French kiss


In the immense French-language repertoire of polyphonic songs proposed by major 16th-century music publishers, the register of love songs occupies a privileged place and is enriched by a corpus of “leigeres” songs, full of explicitly ribald humour.



Influenced by the secular genre, following on from the birth of opera and the emergence of instrumental music, 17th- and 18th century Venetian sacred music unveils a rather paradoxical face: it is the essence for the survival of a rigorous, elaborate language, the ars perfecta of the great Renaissance masters, yet it overflows with theatrical illustration techniques, vocal virtuosity, and strives to portray devout feelings with emotion.

L’Ailleurs de l’autre

Spectacle musical

It’s an extreme and unheard vocal experience, leaded by four sopranos from Les Cris de Paris who took up the challenge to reproduce songs from the oral tradition recorded all over the world, and staged by Aliénor Dauchez.


Récits de la chambre obscure

Geoffroy Jourdain reunites with his long-standing companion Benjamin Lazar for a creation spanning the realms of theatre and music. In this contemporary adaptation, historic narratives intertwine with current-day tales to the sound of Italian madrigals which unveil their full theatrical power.

Extended Vox

Heiner Goebbels I Bernhard Lang I Wolfgang Mitterer

Erwan Keravec, the most unusual bagpiper, performs alongside Les Cris de Paris. With La Muse en Circuit - Centre National de Création Musicale, they commission Wolfgang Mitterer and Bernhard Lang, acknowledged for their never-ending mastery of vocal writing and for the prominent role it plays in their respective catalogues.



In the chiaroscuro of a 16th and 17th century cabinet of musical curiosities, ten singers set out to discover mysteriously motivated works, representative of a genre which allows the most daring experiences.

David & Salomon


Sacred works by Heinrich Schütz after the Psalms of David and the Song of Songs, this "Song of Salomon" that inspired the composer throughout his life...

Israel in Egypt


Considered as a masterpiece of vocal music, this oratorio by George Frideric Handel describe the most spectacular scenes of the Bible, amongst them the Plagues of Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea...

Les Orphelines de Venise


In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Venetian ospedali were famous for the quality of the concerts they would organise. The female orphans who lived there were legendary singers ...