CD “Melancholia”


Madrigals and motets around 1600

John Wilbye, William Byrd, Cesare Tudino, Carlo Gesualdo, Pomponio Nenna, Orlando Gibbons, Luca Marenzio, Luzzasco Luzzaschi

Released in 2018
Harmonia mundi

In the chiaroscuro of a cabinet of musical curiosities at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, ten singers set out to discover works of avant-garde, representative of a genre which allows the most daring experiments.
Filled with fear and guilt, Carlo Gesualdo – the inspiring figure of this programme – embodies all the dark and enigmatic parts of the ultimate hours of the musical Renaissance.
Like him, Orlando Gibbons, William Byrd or Luca Marenzio favoured the expression of melancholy and despair in order to write incredibly modern motets and madrigals, real laboratories of harmonic and vocal innovations.
Les Cris de Paris, choir and orchestra
Cécile Larroche, Nathalie Morazin, Michiko Takahashi, sopranos
Paul-Antoine Benos, William Shelton, countertenor
Stéphen Collardelle, Alban Dufourt, Guillaume Gutierrez, tenors
Virgile Ancely, Geoffroy Buffière, baritones bass
Frédéric Baldassare, Martin Bauer, William Fennelly, viols
Benjamin Bédouin, cornett
Patrick Wibart, serpent
Geoffroy Jourdain, conductor
Harmonia mundi
Recorded at the Abbaye de Sylvanès (12)