5.1 – Polyphonies spatialisées


Concert performance

40 a cappella singers
Musical direction Geoffroy Jourdain

Staff on tour 42 people

Les Cris de Paris offer to revisit a whole part of the Renaissance’s sacred repertoire for which architecture was considered as a constitutive setting of the musical composition.

Among the 36 voices Deo Gratias by Johannes Ockeghem or the 40 voices Spem in alium by Thomas Tallis, Les Cris de Paris, pursuing an approach that distinguished them on the musical scene, defends the contemporary repertoire with Tempus fugit by Aurélien Dumont and Mouyayoum by Anders Hillborg.

The presentation of this programme leans on a light but efficient device of video backhaul which allows to the whole group of singers to settle and to move into distinct acoustic spaces. One can thus consider the progress of the concert as a completely new and particularly rewarding relationship between the audience and the performers: here, spectators are totally « immersed » in the sound of voices deployed around them.

Thomas TALLIS (1505-1585)
Spem in alium for 40 voices (c. 1570)

Aurélien DUMONT (1980)
Tempus fugit, toucher d’ombre for 40 voices
commissionned by Les Cris de Paris (2014)

Josquin DESPREZ (1440-1521)
Qui habitat for 24 voices

Johannes OCKEGHEM (1420-1497)
Deo gratias for 36 voices

Giovanni GABRIELI (1554-1612)
Exaudi me Domine for 16 voices

Hans Leo HASSLER (1564-1612)
Duo Seraphim for 12 voices in 3 choirs
Duo Seraphim for 16 voices à 4 choirs

Anders HILLBORG (né en 1954)
Mouyayoum – muo:aa:yiy:oum for 16 voices (1983-85)

Duration : 1h30

Production Les Cris de Paris
Coproduction Centres de Culture et de Rencontres de Noirlac, d’Ambronay et des Dominicains de Haute-Alsace
Creation in July 2014